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Why Choose Tilson’s Auto Repair for your Radiator Repair?

Water-cooled engines rely on a heat exchanger to cool the fluids that, in turn, help to cool the integral engine parts — in the case of automobiles, that is the radiator. If your radiator is damaged or broken, it prevents the fluid from cooling, and will lead to your engine overheating. This, in turn, can lead to a catastrophic engine failure. Your best bet is to avoid all of this and pay attention to your engine for symptoms that show your are in need of radiator repairs, such as:

  • Coolant under the radiator, hoses, or reservoir
  • The odor of boiling coolant fluid
  • Engine running hotter than normal
  • Engine warning lights on the dashboard

If you see any of these symptoms, you should bring your car, truck, or SUV into Tilson’s Auto Repair for the necessary radiator repairs. We are one of Rochester’s most trusted automotive repair shops, in operation since 1983, and staffed by highly educated and experienced ASE-Certified technicians.

Experienced and and professional technicians

With such extensive education and experience, along with ASE certification, our technicians are highly qualified for radiator repairs. They are familiar with the needs and specifications of domestic, European, and Asian vehicles, and can make sure that there is no confusion with your vehicle. With so much variation, one mistake could cost more time and money, so you want technicians who know the differences.

Thorough cooling system inspections for accurate diagnosis

Every radiator repair begins with our inspection process that includes checking the pipes and hoses, radiator fins, fluids, and all associated components. As part of the larger system, a radiator problem could cause malfunctions in other parts of the system, but also, a failure elsewhere in the system could seem like a radiator problem. We aim to quickly and accurately diagnose the issue, to save you time and money.

Comprehensive overviews

Our comprehensive overviews provide you a full, transparent picture of your vehicles issues, and the recommended radiator repairs that address them. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions of our technicians, and lets them educate you about your vehicle.

No-pressure repair recommendations

Every recommendation we make will be aimed at addressing the issues in the most efficient and affordable way possible – if you only need a minor radiator repair, we won’t pressure you into a full radiator replacement. Our no-pressure recommendations are made to save you money while getting your vehicle back on the road safely.

Radiator and cooling system repairs performed with quality parts

From fluid to hoses to the entire radiator, we use only the highest-quality OEM and aftermarket parts in your radiator repair. These parts provide superior cooling, are highly reliable, and are built to be compatible with your vehicle. They ensure a longer life for your vehicle, and reduce the risk of a recurring issue.


Always amazing service and very professional. Always get serviced quickly and for a fair price, their shuttle is very convenient if you have to do other things while getting your car fixed. I was recommended by a friend and will definitely be returning and recommending them to friends and family. Keep up the great work guys!!

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Julie T.

Rochester, MN

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